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​TW helps you manage available resources in demand-led, massive and busy facilities and distribute tasks uniformly in real-time. It ensures tasks are handled effectively, within service levels and identifies any exception to performance and experience.

Portering is a crucial element in day to day operations of any hospital or hospitality set up Hospitals spend a lot on monthly basis on support staff porters without knowing the optimum number of support staff and porters required for efficient day to day operations. System helps you with details like how many porters are required, to help optimize costs.

System works on BLE and Coasters to track exact location of porters and allot them jobs based on their proximity to the request. Thus reducing time to travel for porters and get things done quickly. The routes and the request

Comprehensive Porter Management Solution That Helps Hospitals Manage Their Support Staff, Porters And Daily Operation Efficiently, Giving Them Freedom To Manage Their Jobs Easily Along With Effective Tools For Reporting To Take Informative Decisions.

Value Based


​Improve Services

Improves service delivered by your porter team. User-friendly interfaces with mobile communication and support tools create a no-fail cloud infrastructure for your teams.

Allocate tasks, confirm assignments and communicate on-the-go.

Save on hours worked, streamline routes, and reduce dependency on central control.

Fine-Tuned Our Implementation Process Into A Process That Complements Your Porters In High Volume And Time-Driven Tasks Accomplishments.

​Create Better Experiences

​With gained efficiencies porters, back-end staff, and patients experience greater satisfaction through quick, prioritised support. And, you benefit from resource savings in expense and time.


  • Elimination in redundant routes and shortened travel

  • Streamlined, digitised process supports fluid model of work

  • Connectivity via handheld, user-friendly software

​Assigning Tasks To The Closest And Most Appropriate Porter Decreases The Patients' Waiting Time And Porters' Footprints Across The Hospital. Diminishing These Both Metrics Has Been Getting More Importance, Especially After The COVID19 Pandemic.

​Coaster Management

​Get in-depth insights into healthcare assets with just a few clicks .Easy-to-find assets and a detailed look at utilization
rates allow you to rent or buy
only what you need.TW Gives you real-time insights to ensure that the asset utilization is high and the costs, lower. You can generate custom reports, such as inventory performance and asset utilization report. You can personalize and schedule your reports at a frequency and a channel of your choice.

​Our Location Aware Porter Workflow Solution Ensures Safe, Efficient And Quick Patient Movement By Porter With Necessary Equipment’s.

​Enhance Communication And Performance

​Real-time alerts provide notification when high-value assets leave a specified area or hospital and let you keep track of things. Provides alerts and notification and keeps track of maintenance due dates for all the medical assets in the organization. Track warranty, contracts and other entitlements and manage it online. Track the life cycle of every contracts, licenses and other entitlements and automated triggers for renewal process. Tagging of contracts to assets would provide clear insights on the delivery and financial performance and enable right decisions.

​Streamline Your Asset Maintenance With Workflows And Dashboards Built To Simplify Recall Compliance And Preventative Maintenance.

​Cost Effectiveness

With less focus on departmental porters and more on increased pools of assignees within your workforce, you’re able to better leverage your workforce through strategic task assignments. As your response times improve, and your downtime between tasks shrinks, you can spend time elevating the patient experience.

Allows Us To Offer A Faster, More Efficient Service To The Patients And Staff At The Hospital

Our solution Uses IoT for real time location of porters and allots them jobs based on their proximity to the location where service is required. Our system help in determining porter’s exact location and system automatically allocates a job to the one which is nearest to the request location.

Location Proximity

​Location Proximity

Hospitals also face slow OR turnaround times because teams are scattered while environmental services, who clean the rooms, may not be promptly notified. These delays compound throughout the day as providers lose sight of patients who may be moved to a different area of the hospital for additional blood tests or imaging studies.Trying to communicate with care teams is also inefficient. Although several physicians use mobile health in their practices, looping in the entire OR team is more difficult because there are various members, roles and communications equipment as well as HIPAA concerns with mobile devices.

​Understanding The Manpower

We can understand the optimum number of porters required in each shift based on number of requests being generated during the shifts. This helps you in planning your manpower deployment / allocation and manage your resources more efficiently and save cost on your extra manpower.

​Understanding The Workload

​Get complete insight on number of requests being generated in the hospital on daily, weekly or monthly basis with detailed view per department, block or section. Also generate reports based on request time also to know during which time, most man power is required.

Redefine SLA

System records time of each interaction related to request, starting when a job is created till the time it is completed by the porter, to help your redefine your time SLAs related to each type of request and monitor performance of each porter for efficiency.

​Understanding Performance

Get insights on how your porters and support staff is performing, how many jobs they are doing, what is that response time and how much idle time they are having during the day. Find our who are your top performers and reward them to enhance their productivity.

Get control of the productivity of your Porters with our BLE based  effective indoor tracking and monitoring system. Features like real time location, location based attendance and alerts and notifications, help the facilities in efficiently manage and monitor their resources.

Enhance patient flow

Key Features

  • Support for Multi Porter Requests and Single Porter Pool across facility

  • WhatsApp Alerts on longer Wait time Manager

  • Assignment of Porter request Allocation to nearest porter, using Location aware RTLS positioning

  • Intelligent Auto Routing of Request when a porter is not responding / rejecting a request

  • Self-creation of Tasks by Porters: Adhoc Tasks, Lunch breaks, etc.

  • Live tracking of porter Movements.

  • Automatic Update of Arrival, complete status of Porter Request based on Porter Location

Reduce Wating Time

Prevents Wandering


Quick Response


Efficient Queue

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