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Transform your business into a customer-valued entity with eCosmos.

Our business services adapt and grow alongside your customers, meeting their present and future financial needs. We build future-ready technology to provide a cutting-edge customer experience, increasing loyalty to your brand.

Banking Hub

The eCosmos Banking Hub is a cutting-edge Cloud-based banking solution that combines fast, secure, and user-friendly open banking technology. With its innovative features and customer-centric approach, it revolutionises the way banking services are delivered to customers, ensuring a seamless and convenient banking experience.

Lending Hub

Our Lending Hub provides mainstream and Salary Access products to promote financial wellbeing making it easier and aims to address the financial exclusion of over 2 billion unbanked people worldwide.

Finance Hub

We offer a core, cloud-based mobile banking solution for financial institutions of emerging markets to utilise to help bank the unbanked which integrates smoothly with you existing system.


Salary-linked Lending products   |   Personal Finance   |   Home Finance App

Digitisation Hub

Digitisation Hub unlocks your data and simplifies managing connections, applications, and process flows through a user-friendly editor and modern APIs.

Saves time, money, and effort for businesses.    |    Offers self-serve capabilities.

Automation Management

Our Digitisation Hub's Digital Business Manager is a customizable and easy-to-use microservices automation manager. Our platform integrates with major technological interfaces, streamlining your business processes, enabling seamless updates.

Health Hub

Our Health Hub integrates wearable health tech apps with financial services tools to reward healthy lifestyle choices and enhance product functionality with easy accessibility.

Automotive Hub

The Automotive Hub is designed to revolutionise the entire car purchase marketplace. Bringing together disparate dealerships data and making the whole experience as instant, seamless, traceable.

Financial Services

Our business expertise predicts future customer needs with future-ready systems. Based in the UK, we work with global partners and serve large-scale institutions worldwide. With a proven track record in delivering innovative products and solutions, especially in banking and financial services.

eCosmos cloud based technology solutions uses middleware being to deliver the future of financial service based applications across a wide range of systems, services, API’s, partners, and Industry sectors.

Our new cloud based technology hubs are the NEW digital


First mega-scale, middleware-based integration on Wall Street between two well-known major banks.

Online Trading

First online securities trading system for a large London based bank. Street between two well known major banks.


First e-banking platform for a large bank in the UAE driven by Middleware.

Digital wallet

First digital wallet launched for major global payment company in European sector with massive scalability and switching across their various payment systems.

Mobile payment

First mobile payment and loyalty app in UK universities.


First truly digital core banking platform for 10x Banking/ Virgin based on advanced middleware resulting in $46m funding from major investors.

eCosmos are a future thinking cloud solutions company that focuses on designing next generation, future proof technology for various industries, including financial services.

Our cutting-edge solutions seamlessly integrate with your business and allow you to meet your customers’ demands quickly and efficiently without the risks associated with modern business investments.

We are pioneering

tomorrow's technology

The Banking, Financial Services and Fintech sectors are undergoing constant change.

What's often both unique and challenging about the sector is facing multiple change initiatives, all at the same time:

  • Change as a result of competition and regulatory rule changes - the recent focus on Consumer Duty being just one of many new and updated rulebooks.

  • Change as a result of competitive forces.

  • Change as a result of strategic initiatives such as digitisation, digital ledger technologies, blockchain, smart contracts and tokenisation of financial assets.

And, on top of those three dimensions of change, the industry now faces either an opportunity or a threat - depending on your perspective - from Artificial Intelligence given the recent interest and traction being made because of Chat GPT / GPT -3 & 4.
The founder of eCosmos Solutions (U.K.) and eCosmos executives and teams in the US and India are steeped in both strategic and tactical experience having worked at senior levels worldwide for nearly 30 years.

Prior project experience includes:

  • Definition of cloud banking infrastructures and software platforms.

  • Mobile application design and development.

  • Advanced big data and data science projects.

  • Artificial Intelligence and computer vision / machine learning solutions to analyse and interpret financial information across the banking sector.

  • and much more!

​Whether your needs are specific and focused or wide-ranging and strategic, Consult with eCosmos today for a no obligation conversation to understand how we can help.

Services and credentials

in the financial sector

Positive customer experience in business success is fundamental.

Understand customer needs, provide great technology, and offer engaging digital experiences to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Moving beyond digital transformation of financial services systems.

We offer personalised banking services at scale and solves challenges in implementing meaningful banking changes.

Understanding the financial services industry to provide effective customer service.

Ecosmos helps CEOs stay ahead of evolving customer needs by providing advanced technology, financial expertise, and customer insights.

Introducing new technologies into established and emerging markets, including several firsts:

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