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Consulting services provide businesses with expert advice and guidance to identify areas for improvement in their current processes, optimize operations, support to help businesses achieve their goals and achieve greater efficiency. 


Our implementation service involves efficiently installing and configuring software by following a comprehensive process of planning, analysis, design, configuration, testing, training, and deployment.


Our service helps businesses collect and analyse feedback and performance metrics to streamline their processes and improve communication through real time communication.


Deploying a standardised SAP system with the goal of achieving consistency in business process, data management, and reporting through stages such as system configuration, data migration, testing, and training.

App Management

This service that helps businesses maintain and optimize their SAP systems that includes monitoring system performance, fixing bugs, enhancing the system, and providing ongoing user support and training.


Provides the expertise of in-house developers, external consultants, and SAP development partners to create custom ABAP code using SAP development tools. Services include the creation of new functionality, modifying existing functionality, or integration, with support from the SAP centre.


This service connects different modules and systems within SAP, as well as external applications, using web services, APIs, IDocs, and middleware platforms. It involves analysing business processes, designing a plan, configuring workflows and rules, and testing and monitoring the integration for errors.


The predictive cloud analytics system is a service that uses big data analysis to predict future outcomes to connect modules of finance and logistics in SAP systems with applications such as CRM, e-commerce platforms, and supply chain.

Our services

Services that maximise value


The Next-Generation ERP System for Your Business. Experience Advanced Analytics Capabilities, Flexibility, and Scalability Across Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Products, Utilities, Financial Services, and Healthcare

SAP Hybris

Unleash the Power of Hybris Cloud-Based E-Commerce Platform for B2B and B2C Enterprises. Explore a Global E-Commerce Solution for Retail, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, and Financial Services.

SAP Cloud Platfrom

Discover the Power of SAP Analytics Cloud - Seamlessly Integrate Analytics and Planning with SAP Applications and Access Diverse Data Sources for Informed Decision-Making.

Rise with SAP

Transform Your Business with SAP's Business Transformation-as-a-Service Offering - Scalable Solutions for Enterprises of All Sizes, from Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to Large Enterprises


Revolutionise Your Trade Promotions with SAP's Comprehensive Trade Promotion Management Solution. Plan, Execute, and Analyse Promotions with Ease for Improved Business Performance.

Advisory & Strategy

Advisory Team assists with digital transformation planning and preparation, providing services such as product advice, roadmap strategy, and business case formulation with key stakeholders.

Platform & Solutions

The team works with all key stakeholder groups to improve company performance, customer satisfaction, and retention by focusing on people, process, and platforms.

Innovative Implementation

Our certified professionals configure, develop, and integrate your Salesforce system with the latest features and product innovations to customize your business operations.

Change Management

Our change management service prepares and manages stakeholders for change, including employees, customers, and partners, with a focus on making the transition smoother for the business.

Learning & Adoption

Our comprehensive training services ensure project success, and we develop customised training materials, strategies to fit any budget, deploy and deliver content to your employees.

Centre of Excellence

Our multi-cloud experts provide support to maintain innovation momentum to help you maximize ROI by providing affordable COE services effectively.

Our services

Service Cloud

Service teams provides customised support with customers through multiple channels and uses AI and automation to create a complete 360 view of the customer. 

Marketing Cloud

A data-first approach to digital marketing, providing valuable insights to create personalised and impactful messages and helps connect with the audience more effectively.


Helps businesses build stronger B2B customer relationships by quickly responding to changing expectations and enhancing marketing strategies for increased revenue. The approach is faster and more effective.

Revenue Cloud

The cloud simplifies and speeds up the buying process by combining CPQ & Billing, Partner Relationship Management, and B2B Commerce for revenue and customer transactions. It helps manage the Sales and Finance teams to improves revenue processes.

Salesforce Industries

The cloud simplifies and speeds up the buying process by combining CPQ & Billing, Partner Relationship Management, and B2B Commerce for revenue and customer transactions. It helps manage the Sales and Finance teams to improves revenue processes.

Salesforce services

Experience Cloud

The unified engagement platform revolutionizes engagement with customers, partners, and employees. It's easy to access information, ask questions, connect with data and records, and communicate effectively.

Field Service

The service helps to increase the productivity and efficiency while optimizing online and in-person offerings compliance with safety protocols. It offers complete visibility of field operations and uses automated intelligence to optimise job prioritisation and employee time management. 

Commerce Cloud

The cloud provides end-to-end commerce solutions for both B2C and B2B customers. It creates a unified, multi-channel buying experience and enables retailers to deliver the best customer experience by providing a personalized and seamless buying experience for consumers.


App Exchange solves unique business challenges and accelerates digital transformation for businesses at any stage by offering 7,000 apps to extend the Customer 360.

Net Zero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud supports businesses to become more sustainable by facilitating the tracking of energy consumption and carbon emissions, providing visibility of carbon data, and generating actionable insights for better-informed decisions towards sustainable practices.


The MuleSoft platform connects applications, data, and devices, enabling faster delivery of connected customer experiences. It can unlock and integrate data from any system and connect applications across the business network into a single source.


Offers tools to create and optimize cross-channel campaigns with data-driven insights for improved customer engagement.


Streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and improves customer engagement with tools to manage various aspects of the sales process.

Customer Service

Provides community portals, service management, and chatbots for self-service capabilities, helping businesses improve customer satisfaction.


Insights on customer behaviour, sales and service data, SLA performance, and real-time analytics using Dynamics 365, Power BI

Supply chain

Offers tools for managing product information, ERP, inventory, and quality management.

Distribution & Trade

Provides businesses with a suite of tools designed to manage and optimise their supply chain operations.


Offers a range of services to help businesses manage their financial operations efficiently.


Manages human resources more effectively, improve employee engagement, productivity, and make data-driven HR decisions.

Our services

Service offerings in O365


Provides personalised expert guidance for businesses to achieve their goals, including cloud adoption, security, productivity, and collaboration.

Business Applications

Business Application streamlines operations Dynamics 365 that are customisable, gain insights and enhances customer experiences.

Migration Services

Migration supports smooth data and application transition to the cloud with assessment tools, planning, execution, and post-migration support.

Support Services

It provides organisations with technical assistance and troubleshooting, as well as access to Microsoft experts who can help with setup, configuration, and operational issues, ensuring that business operations remain uninterrupted.

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