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Medical Record Tracking

We help you manage physical medical records while preventing them from lost, misplaced , any kind of mix – ups. Centrally protect, manage, and archive documents and records for better accessibility, visibility, and efficiency across the records lifecycle.

Tracking Documents

Digitize front-and back-end processes while intelligently  being aware of  the precise location of documents . There are possibilities for documents to be lost , misplaced, lost While records of various patients are lying on the table for consultations or any other clinical touchpoint. When the tag is fixed along with every respective file , We can track them inside the premises at ease.

Medical Record Management

Manage your content lifecycle, from creation and holding to regulatory retention periods to disposal, ensuring effective service delivery and public accountability in real-time. Track physical medical records while preventing them from being misplaced.. Define and perform records classification and disposition of records according to your internal content management policies.

Necessity For Maintenance

Medical tests will be taken, medicines will be prescribed, Various Consultation with doctors for different issues – will be maintained in files , File request will be sent to MRD

Tags & Straps

Both are reusable , Stitched along with the file with elasticity for ease of movement.

Security & Compliances

Ensure safe access to content while maintaining security against unauthorized access to information. Enable long-term retention and disposition of enterprise records. Mitigate risk and meet regulatory compliances with records management certifications.

Awereness & Tracking

The files will be Lying on desk , probably files missing not able to locate files Complete information management with the flexibility to access and deliver digital content across all channels and devices. Go beyond traditional ECM and unlock the possibilities of your end-to-end digital business. Utilize AI-powered capabilities for accurate location of medical records, automatic document classification, and machine learning/sentiment analysis for smarter decision making for reviews ( year to year / 2 year / 3 years and so on  and periodic consultations with same or different doctors. For instance , Chemotherapy parents will have reviews as advised by their doctor.

Create, Manage, Share, And Archive Different Types Of Content With Anytime-Anywhere Access.

Key Features

  • Automatic Documents Classification

  • Reusable Tags

  • Prevents Unauthorised access to information

  • Secures Documents

  • Prevents records from being misplaced / lost

Better Accessiblity

Information Management

Record Classification

Reusable Tags

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