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Smart Guidance For Queue Management Easy And Convenient For

Waiting Time Reduction

Complete queue management platform including registration, payment, outpatient clinic queuing, medicine reception etc. The hospital’s management staff can also analyse customer satisfaction and execute performance appraisal via automatically-generated reports.

Reduce Waiting Time

Queue and waiting time can be handled effectively through the hospital’s backstage systems for managing, monitoring and integrating queue data, from which the scheduling, content and information are shown to the public via digital displays in the lobby, clinic rooms and other designated locations.

You Can Achieve An Optimal Waiting Time, Reduce Perceived Waiting Time And Increase The Quality Of Service.

Improve Patient Experience

DQM provides us real-time queue status information. This helps patients know where they stand in the queue and when their turn will come. This particular feature was very handy during the COVID-19 pandemic when there were restrictions on the assembling crowds. People could choose to take a nap , unwind , grab food and come exactly 5-10 minutes before their slot, thus reducing the time spent inside hospital premises. Even beyond the pandemic, real-time queue status notifications can improve the patient experience and make things manageable for hospital staff.

DQM Helps Staff Better Manage Queues For Services Such As Laboratory And Radiology Services. You Can Reduce The Waiting Time Of Both OPD And IPD Patients And Reduce Their Anxiety.

Better Plan Staffing For Services

In a large hospital, you will generally have peak times for laboratory sample collection. Likewise, at the Radiology department in a hospital, you will have both OPD and IPD patients flocking in. DQM software also gives analytics for average turnaround time for various services, including laboratory services. 


For example, by intelligent analysis of the patient flows, it would be easier to allocate the time slot for the sonography or the bone densitometry machine for IPD patients. Likewise,  time slots can be distributed for OPD patients at specific time intervals. 

You Can Better Forecast The Staffing Requirements Based On Demand During Different Time Slots Of The Day. With Optimal Staffing, You Can Optimize Your Administration Costs.

Multi-Function Public Digital Display Give Essential Instructions To Patients

Displaying overall clinical services, doctors and queue length of the hospital. DQM can potentially share necessary instructions to patients along with the queue-related information for their chosen service.

For example: If a patient is scheduled for an Ultrasound at 11:00 am, they can be given a prior message that their bladder needs to be full for the examination. For this, they need to have 1.5 litres of water from 9:45 am to 10:30 am. That way, they will not be compelled to gulp down gallons of water. And at the same time, when the patient enters for examination, the radiologist will not have to turn them down saying the picture is unclear due to lack of water consumption.

  • Support diversified templates and split screen

  • Playing real-time messages

Utilize Front-Office Staff For Patient-Centric Work

The front office staff usually spends a considerable amount of time explaining to patients where they are in the queue and how long it would take them to meet the doctor. With DQM, the front office staff can now more effectively utilize their time to liaise with patients on more critical issues, liaise with doctors, etc.

Better Coordination

Planning and execution in a timely manner enable establishing decorum. It also makes all stakeholders feel that they are being treated fairly and equally, be it the patient or the doctor. DQM would enable an organization to significantly enhance the planning and coordination among team members .It can also help them utilize predictive modelling to enhance efficiency and drive effective utilization of organizational resources with a net impact on their bottom line.

Smart Queuing System

  • Temporary counter function for peak patient inflow

  • QR code and Mobile APP for real-time queue information query

  • Electronic queue number distribution substitutes for traditional manual registration

Outpatient Clinic Queuing​

  • Support WiFi check-in

  • Assure medical examination quality and patient privacy

  • QR code and Mobile APP for latest queuing progress query

  • Synchronization of number calling, skipping and expiring for patients and clinic nurses

  • Reduce patient wait times

  • Improve patient satisfaction and experience

  • Improve care team communication

  • Increase room utilization

  • Understand and optimize flows

  • Enhance patient flow

  • Increase patient throughput

  • Increase staff productivity

  • Enable process improvement

Key Features

Automated Routing

Predefined Pathway

Reduce Manual Intervention

Dashboard Overview of Patient Progress

Auto Check In /Check Out

Insightful Analysis

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