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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking With RTLS That Saves Time, Money And Effort For Enhancing The Patient Experience, Hospital Equipment Needs To Be In The Right Place, At The Right Time. We help in optimizing the facility’s ROI through asset tracking, which helps in locating equipment, decrease rental costs.

The Technology To Connect The Moving Workplace.

Quickly Locate Equipment

Improves patient care, complete preventive maintenance and lessen nurse workload. We can effectively track medical carts, crash carts and other assets that can be hoarded or misplaced. Instead of 3-5 personnel scurrying around their floor looking for vital assets they are able to locate the cart and get back to caring for patients

Get A Real Time Map Of Asset Location For Quick And Easy Finding And Real-Time Visibility Eliminates The Need To Hoard Equipment.

Optimisation Of Staff Scheduling

Leverage real time location system (RTLS) technology to prevent asset theft and loss and to reduce asset hoarding. Tagging and tracking informs hospitals of what they have—don’t have—and what they need to replace.  Inventory is accounted for and frivolous spending on assets that are already there, but are just misplaced, stops.

Minimize Asset And Supply Costs By Optimizing Par Levels With Interactive, Role-Based Dashboards.

Right Size Your Inventory

​Get in-depth insights into healthcare assets with just a few clicks .Easy-to-find assets and a detailed look at utilization
rates allow you to rent or buy
only what you need.TW Gives you real-time insights to ensure that the asset utilization is high and the costs, lower. You can generate custom reports, such as inventory performance and asset utilization report. You can personalize and schedule your reports at a frequency and a channel of your choice.

​TW Helps You To Effectively Distribute Assets And Utilize Your Facility To Its Fullest Potential, Reducing Expenses.

Support Tickets

Real-time alerts provide notification when high-value assets leave a specified area or hospital and let you keep track of things. Provides alerts and notification and keeps track of maintenance due dates for all the medical assets in the organization. Track warranty, contracts and other entitlements and manage it online. Track the life cycle of every contracts, licenses and other entitlements and automated triggers for renewal process. Tagging of contracts to assets would provide clear insights on the delivery and financial performance and enable right decisions.

Streamline Your Asset Maintenance With Workflows And Dashboards Built To Simplify Recall Compliance And Preventative Maintenance.

Clinical Empowerment

​Maximize care-per-asset with on-time asset accessibility and eliminate search time using interactive asset maps interfaced with real time location systems (RTLS). Streamline asset work orders with simplified, role-based dashboards to ensure asset availability. Asset Mngt empowers healthcare providers with real time position awareness and data-driven performance insights to achieve increased efficiencies. Provides real time location information of equipment and is accessible via desktop and staff mobile devices.

​Service Management

​The ready-to-use templates and widgets helps you to classify assets according to their usability, location of assignment and any other criteria that you choose to track. Assets can be Tagged and tracked using various codes. Also helps you to distinguish between assets (rental, vendor, owned) – full procurement information – complete asset data history – asset-wise cost tagging.

Manage The Entire Lifecycle Of An Asset Through A Single And An Automated System To Smoothen Operations.

Contamination Management

Effectively monitoring and encouraging handwashing, since doing so relies on external factors is challenging. Right now, tagging every sink, soap dispenser, towel dispenser and more is really expensive. Washing hands is one of the most common ways to reduce contamination and the spread of infections. But, this simple task is often neglected in hospitals by patients and hospital personnel alike. The results are damning.

For example, we can place proximity readers and locators above sinks to get more-accurate readings of the use of handwashing stations. These readers and locators work with tracking tags or badges that staffers already wear for a more seamless adjustment in operations. This is an emerging capability of RTLS, and we’re proud to be on the forefront.

Our System Can Help Identify The Route Map And Close Contacts Of All The Position Of People Who Has Used The System 

  • Remote monitoring of assets

  • Alerting SLA deviations or due for maintenance or calibration

  • Asset audit and inventory management

  • Integration enabled with existing CMMS/ERP systems

  • Notify if asset movement is not as per defined SLA or due for maintenance or calibration

  • Integrated with hospital floor plan

Key Features

  • Multi campus support

  • Analytics to improve asset usage efficiency

  • Asset movement management

  • Instant visibility to asset status and location with very high precision

  • Improved asset utilization and security


Accurate Usage

Improves Inventory Management


Reduce Costs

Save Time

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