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We Can Have Our Equipments And

Hospitals use RTLs to optimize an organization’s workforce. The data can show patient wait or throughput times and supply door-to-doctor metrics for emergency rooms. By increasing your overall visibility, you can see which locations or departments need additional staffing or identify trends over different timeframes.

Manpower Organised.

​Organised Structure

​(RTLS) offered significant potential as healthcare facilities grew more complex, crowded, and teeming with portable innovations. First-generation location systems were clunky, invasive, and expensive. They also made it difficult to measure any real efficiency or ROI.

Those early failures have stuck around in the minds of hospital leadership. Today, most facilities have no RTLS platform at all, in part because of these lingering concerns. 

In fact, scheduling resources– with RTLS– enables hospitals to:

  • Make data-driven decisions about equipment needs

  • Cut back on equipment rentals and new purchases

  • Track assets across entire facilities, even in hallways

  • Provide management with hard proof of ROI

​Predictive Management

​Utilizing RTLS technologies allows staff and physicians to manage patient flow by visualizing their visit locations and durations, monitoring the status and lengths of appointments to anticipate patient flow bottlenecks and reallocate space to accommodate patient capacity. The level of visibility provided by our solution has allows them to transition to a patient self-rooming model, in which patients head directly to the exam room after registering at the front desk – making the traditional waiting room obsolete. When patients head to the exam room, clinicians are alerted in real-time that the patient is waiting to be seen.

​Efficient Manpower Management

​This empowers healthcare staff to make proactive decisions about patient experience on an individual level. For hospitals in particular, real-time insights were delivered that reported upon which patients were registered, which were waiting, and which needed to be seen next. A live patient list feature was incorporated, which gave nurses the ability to track patients with extended wait times and notify them of any impact on appointment time. In short, it has delivered a more enjoyable, care-centric experience for patients, and streamlined operations for physicians. We Help facilities achieve  Through use of the state of the art technologies, better-informed patient decisions and solutions to process bottlenecks are all possible, paving the way for a future of better patient experiences.

Enhance patient flow

Key Features

  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Reporting and Analytics to improve nurse staff deployment

  • Improved nursing outcome

  • Integrated with hospital floor plan

  • Location aware nurse call routing

  • Supports organizations with multi campus

  • Ease of nurse call

  • Nurse call dashboard and alerts through SMS/Email

  • Auto documentation of nurse call and action

Better patient Experience

Optimise Manpower

Reduce Waiting Time

Remove Bottlenecks

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