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Making Better Decisions With

Data And Information

Ovitag enables Health care facilities that require reporting metrics to maintain efficiency, profitability and safety. extract the data from many different systems and applications, and share it with the staff members and the management level in a more effective way.

​Insightful And Analytical Reports

​Improving Our solution incorporates dashboards and advanced visual analytics that when combined with Ovitag Healthcare’s RTLS will enable Staff to drill down into large data sets, extract value from location, status and condition data and make better decisions on how to maintain medical equipment. Health care RTLS applications generate substantial amounts of data containing important intelligence that in the past has been difficult to attain, also helps departments across health care organizations easily gain access to this intelligence and act upon it in a way that directly impacts their business. Generates various insightful and analytical reports along the patient journey from feasibility to completed study, generates KPI s thereby leading to data driven decision making.

​Need For Documentation

​The sheer complexity and diversity of these compliance can introduce inconsistencies and duplication of efforts across different departments and functions in a healthcare organization. The maze of documentation that is generated to address the burgeoning compliance needs will also leave management teams guessing as to whether their organization truly complies with all relevant regulatory norms. A healthcare provider needs to implement effective quality and compliance programs right away. The programs must provide document control, compliance training, and ongoing auditing. Issues and non-conformance incidents need to be recorded and reported. Patient Reports, Staff Reports, Location Reports, Interaction & Exposure Reports Control and Reports

​Informed Decisions

​RTLS provided OMG’s personnel with real-time, actionable data on the whereabouts of physicians, staff, patients and assets. This data made it possible for clinical teams to identify process bottlenecks and make informed decisions to tailor processes to improve care quality and overall patient experience. The system, which integrated location data with the OMG EHR system, was the core strategy to facilitate clinical workflow and resource allocation to lessen patient wait times and maximize time spent with a care provider.

​Move From Estimates To Actuals

​Manual observation of compliance can provide a false picture. Observations are only “spot checks” and may be subject to the Hawthorne Effect/observation bias, resulting in inaccurate data. Our solution gives you a true picture of compliance, right down to the individual. With data that is impartial and easily shared, We put each caregiver in charge of their own performance. You can identify your hand hygiene “champions” and have them mentor their peers in need of improvement. Over time, your hospital will develop a detailed understanding of compliance by unit, shift, role and individual, giving you the information you need to target problem areas and drive continued performance improvements.

Key Features

  • Insightful and Analytical Reports

  • Data Driven Decisions

  • Reports on Patient, Staff, Location, Interaction & Exposure is generated

  • Non-conformance incidents recorded

Analytical Report

Insightful Date

Regulatory Compliance


Data Driven Decisions

Location Reports

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