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Designed to enhance infant safety, TW offers live map views with real-time location updates, immediate alert notifications, automated lockdown procedures, and electronic mother-baby matching.

State-Of-The-Art Infant Tracking System Integrated With Access Control Security Systems Enforce Protection With Fool Proof Geo Fencing Alerts.

Keep Your Infants And Mother

Safe Round The Clock

Our infant tags comprise of purpose-built sensors that is durable and gentle enough for new borns. Continuously monitor each baby with the highest precision. Alarms are triggered if the baby is moved out of pre-designated areas by an unauthorized person. An automated alarm is also triggered if there’s if bands are tampered with or an unauthorized location change occurs.​​

TW Uniquely Combines The Industry’s Most Accurate Real-Time Location System (RTLS) With A Proven Infant Safety And Patient Security System.

Infant Safety

​Tamper Detection

With This Tracking Solution, You Will Be Able To Proactively Act Against Mix-Ups And Kidnappings. In Addition To The Security, It Will Also Provide Effective Usage Of Your Staff Resources.

In case of a security breach, alerts are generated in order to inform the designated caretakers and the building management system. The tamper sensor detects if the band is cut or the tag is no longer touching the skin. The system logs the event in the system’s database and displays an alert on the application workstation to notify staff.

Location Accuracy

Battery Powered and Clinical-Grade Locating devices installed throughout the hospital wirelessly communicate with the sensors to verify that the baby is in the correct location. They capture the movement of infants within seconds. Speed up emergency response times and efficiently locate infants for routine vital checks.

Each Unique BLE Tag Transmits Signals To The RTLS Readers Installed Throughout The Facility, And RTLS Software Processes This Information To Constantly Monitor New-Borns’ Movement And Position.

Mother-Baby Pairing

The correct pairing of infants to their mothers with the skin friendly bands. Staff members are immediately notified if an infant is brought into the incorrect room or paired with the wrong mother. Eliminates Mix-ups , thereby bringing peace of mind for nurses and moms. New-born and its designated caretakers wear our lightweight, compact trackers

This BLE-Based RTLS System Uses Baby Trackers, Worn With Ankle/Wrist Bands To Constantly Monitor The Movement And Position Of New-Born Babies Alongside With Their Respective Mothers In Hospital. It Is Possible To Scale Our Tracking System Up To Improve The Safety Of All Infants And Their Mothers At Hospitals And Urgent Care Clinics Of Any Scope Or Size.

Escalating system of alerts and security measures as infants approach unauthorized zones or points of egress. Only authorized nurses and the mother are authorized to carry the infant out of a geo-fenced (pre-defined) area. If an unauthorized staff member or someone who isn’t wearing a tag attempts to leave with the baby, then an alert is triggered informing the appropriate staff members.

Our System Creates A Security Layer Around The Nursery, Maternity Ward, And Entry Points. When Any Infant Leaves The Geofenced Perimeter Without Authorization, Automated Alerts Are Sent To The Appropriate Staff And The Building Management Systems.

Geo Fencing

Temperature Monitoring

​The device comprises of an automatic skin temperature sensor that records the skin temperature of your infant round the clock and does not need a caregiver to interrupt frequently and record the temperature. In case of any sudden temperature rise ups or Inactivity, it raises alerts to the caregiver without any manual intervention. Our infant bracelets also register sudden inertia, such as when a baby is picked up by someone.

​Built-In Motion Sensors Track Infant Movement In A Non-Invasive Way To Provide Constant Health And Temperature Monitoring.

​Nurses and parents love our soft, self-adjusting waterproof and hypoallergenic bracelets that does not cut or chafe the baby’s skin. It remains secure during those early days when the infant’s weight fluctuates. Bracelet tampering immediately alerts hospital staff and generates a perimeter lock-down to secure the patient. Our customers count on our reliable technology to prevent abductions and ensure the safety of their infants.

The Tag Is Lightweight And Waterproof, And Can Be Attached With A Single-Use Band Tested For Skin Sensitivities.

Comfortable For Patients

Scalable Solution

Provides effective, scalable and affordable protection. It’s the right choice for any from a critical access hospital to a large urban facility. Advanced system supervision ensures critical location data is consistently delivered to the application. Devices are equipped with long-lasting batteries for enhanced reliability.

TWs Platform Can Be Easily Expanded To Support A Variety Of Staff And Patient Safety Initiatives, Clinical Workflow Applications, Asset Tracking, Temperature Monitoring, And More.
  • Infant birth tags to pair mother and infant

  • Lightweight, yet high precision tags

  • Specially developed fabric for sensitive newborn skin

  • Tamper proof infant tags

  • Digital identifier for infants

Key Features

  • Protect infants from moving out of ward or hospital

  • Geofencing support

  • Alerts on events

  • Mother and Infant safety

Tamper proof

Light weight



Hypo Allergenic

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