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Enterprise RTLS Software


Assets, Care providers and Patients move across floors,buildings and locations of hospitals. It’s very easy for expensive devices to end up misplaced or left unused in large facilities. It is critical to know the available equipment and the individuals to ensure timely and effective care delivery. Trackerwave’s flagship Ovitag™ RTLS product suite helps in tracking the precise location of assets, patients and staff on the floor plan with location precision enabled administrative and clinical workflows. Ovitag™ product suite, with it’s unique Hardware and Software products, delivers efficiency and effectiveness of business processes at healthcare Facilities, from primary care clinics to multisite tertiary care hospitals.


Open API interfaces

Connect hardware to Ovitag cloud easily with libraries, SDKs, to guide your integration over HTTP, MQTT or by Parsing custom/industrial protocols.
API security is achieved using OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol.
We offer APIs to integrate information on assets, facilities, premises in which sensors are installed. The principle is that the “master” data remains managed by the remote system, which communicates the necessary updates.

And of course, we transmit the data collected, the analysis carried out, the alerts to be processed.

Events Engine

We deliver the data from hardware in json format , we process this data and make it available on a web and mobile application servers hosted  on cloud or on premise. Information such as alerts can also be sent as SMS , Email using our communication engine. Users can opt to add conditional and complex business logic on top of the data we send.

Configurable AlertsSMS, Web, WhatsApp, Email notification

Mobile application Interface

All connected devices can be managed , utilized on a mobile application. Setting up of hardware , configuring and viewing insights are made handy using a mobile application which makes it easily accessible across various platforms. ( images of our app in mobiles , tablets)

AI enabled Analytics and reporting

Our complex algorithms process and provide real time viewable data on a web or mobile application. Our AI enabled analytics engine deliver data clearly , concisely , regularly and these can be archived for future validations, store data as Excel PDF format , export, schedule delivery of reports through mail or any other source. ( images of graph , pie charts on a web application)

Dashboard Management

All data received from devices or insights can be managed as widgets on a web application. Users can customize the data patterns to be displayed on a dashboard according to the workflow so that these information are used in making decisions.

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