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For Comfortable Indoors With Automated

Environmental Monitoring

You will be able to easily monitor the zones that require precise, temperature – controlled conditions. It’s often the case that the most expensive assets of a hospital or most sensitives zones like server room, blood banks require extremely precise standards with regards to Temperature and Humidity.

Meet compliance standards by Caring More for critical Zones that require Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Easily Monitor Items That Require Precise, Temperature-Controlled Conditions

​Receive Notifications

​Multi-Platform use – Android, Email, Text, Digital Message Boards.

Ensure patient safety, reduce product waste, and gain peace of mind knowing that operations are in compliance. Proper temperature conditions are continuously maintained and monitored without disrupting everyday care efforts.

​Receive Alerts When Measurements Are Sensed Above Or Below Set Parameters

​Remain Compliant

​TW automatically records temperatures, humidity levels, and differential air pressure. Our Wireless, real-time environmental monitoring system notifies personnel when conditions are sensed above or below user-set parameters to enable immediate corrective action and avoid costly product loss. Automating the collection and reporting of critical data increases staff efficiency, minimizes disruptions to patient care, and reduces the potential for human error often associated with manual documentation.

​Meet Compliance Standards With Wireless Temperature And Environmental Monitoring Solution.

​Ease Of Continuous Monitoring

​Generate compliance reports without increasing manual intervention. The system generates a variety of automated compliance reports and sensor history audit logs, based on individual devices or customized grouping (i.e., departmental views). Automated environmental monitoring solutions for healthcare eliminate the need for costly manual documentation and the potential for human error.

​Automatic And Reliable Documentation Ensures Compliance With Regulatory Requirements.

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Analytics reporting

  • Infection control

  • Integrated with hospital floor plan

  • Continuous monitoring with no human intervention

Key Features

  • APIs to integrate with BMS systems

  • Supports organizations with multiple facilities

  • Saves Energy

  • High precision measurements

Automate Reporting

Continous Monitoring

Reduces Manual Intervention


Reduce Costs

Timely Alert

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