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A Foundation For

Continuous Improvement

By integrating our dynamic DQMS in day care procedures, the overall procedure time can be reduced as it streamlines the entire process which improves patient’s satisfaction, it also increases the productivity of the facility by accommodating more patients.

The Technology To Connect The Moving Workplace.

Streamline Procedures

​​​Improving the patient flow increases the hospital capacity and enhances the patient experience at the same time. On the hospital premises, the patient is guided to the right clinical touch point. In the hospital itself, RTLS gives staff and visitors update on the patient status and display the wait times per patient on dashboard that is customizable as well. This knowledge allows hospitals to improve patient flow, reduce longer waiting times in crowded rooms and increase their treatment capacity – for an overall better patient experience for day care procedures like dialysis, chemotherapy, etc

​Day-Care In Detail

This system automatically sends a message to the relevant caregiver through IoT technology when the flow of a liquid from the IV system reaches the set limit ensuring that the IV bag can be replaced or removed on time.

Monitoring of patients in a hospital throughout the day is a tiresome process as the nurse is entirely responsible for monitoring the IV fluid level system. But unfortunately, the nurse may forget to change or stop the drip bottle at correct time due to their busy schedule. This may lead to several problems for the patients. By Implementing RTLS, IV fluid level can be precisely monitored. The system reduces the work of a nurse who has to monitor the IV fluid level. With RTLS, the IV fluid monitoring system automatically sends a message to the nurse when the level of IV Fluid solution is about to finish. It will help the patient and ensure that new infusions can be started on time. It also helps in day care procedures like chemotherapy and dialysis by reducing overall Turnaround time.

Enhance patient flow

Key Features

  • Patient hassle Free visit

  • Comprehensive Software Workflow

  • Automate Clinical Touchpoints

  • Configurable Touchpoint

  • Dynamic Queue Allocation

  • Supports Multilingual & Flexible Test Allocation

  • Clinical ruleset Definition

  • Reduce TAT & Waiting Time

Reduce Waiting Times

Efficient Queue

Enhance Patient Experience

Care Coordination

Seamless Communication


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